Our Team

Travel medical insurance. World wide coverage. A community of nomads.

Product Team

Sondre Rasch
Product & CEO

Economist and former policy adviser for the parliament of Norway. Sondre founded the freelance platform Konsus.com.

Hans Kjellby
Legal & COO

Hans is a lawyer. Former head of legal and compliance in Auka, ranked fastest growing fintech-company in Europe.

Sarah Sandnes
Back-end & CTO

Lead engineer of ad-network Tapdaq until Series A. Sarah has a background in mathematics and computer science.

Sean MacIsaac
Front-end & Design

UX design for multiple companies including. Sendhub, InventoryLab, Centurylink, Sony.

Jarle Sandnes
Back-end Engineer

Former back-end developer of ad-network and data engineer at Tapdaq. Background in computer science.

Custom Team

Annie Brown
Communications & Social Media

Marketing direction and content management for companies such as Grameen Bank, Planned Parenthood, Konsus, Outsite.

Enelin Paas
Head of Partnerships

Helping to grow brand recognition, PR & sales. Enelin has worked for companies in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Sydney, Latin America and Europe.

Insurance Team

Paul Doucette
Insurance Legal

A tax and benefits attorney who has provided high net worth individuals and business owners with counsel.

Brian Hardin
Insurance Partnerships

A respected life and health insurance executive. Brian was co-founder of one of the country´s largest IMOs. Brian is also an ordained minister.